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Who We Are

IL Logistics is the solution to all your shipping needs

Who We Are

IL Logistics is the solution to all your shipping needs

About Us

IL Logistics is the first option when our customers need someone reliable to move their freight without disruptions or concerns. As an asset-based logistics company, we oversee our process to provide you with clear and updated information at every step of the process.

We’re a fun, collaborative workplace, focused on teamwork, customer-obsession, and love for what we do. We deliver on our promises not only to you but also to our internal clients: our team members. Happy employees make happy customers!

What makes us different



Crafted Solutions


Passion for quality

Our motivation is to serve you with excellence, and our work is our pride. We aim to level up our operations and improve our services every day, to better serve each of our customers. We provide you peace of mind like no other carrier.

Trust us to get the job done and to do it well!

Our team

At IL Logistics, our team members are our most valuable investment, and the foundation of our company’s success. As a company built from the ground up by a former commercial driver, we’ve learned how to find the right talent and build winning teams therefore we are incredibly proud of our employees and have backed our operations with seasoned logistics management professionals to ensure our customers are always in good hands.

We pride ourselves on optimal performance, quality service, and a proud and efficient team at every level of our operation!

We know our most valuable assets are in our driver’s seats and office chairs!

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